Please give this work to Dr Vidhya Bhushan MishraThe discussion questions should be submitted in APA format (Title page, proper in-text citation, reference page). Using outside reference material is acceptable. There is no page length requirement: however your answers should be sufficient to cover the questions. 1. James is 5 years old and was diagnosed with new onset of tonic–clonic seizures. He will be sent home on Dilantin 240 mg PO b.i.d and Diastat 10 mg PR (rectal Valium) for breakthrough seizures. a. What are the priority teaching needs for James and his parents? b. How does Dilantin prevent seizures, and why is it a good choice for James? What is Diastat (rectal Valium) and how should it be given? 2. The clinical instructor has assigned a group of students to work with patients on a special nursing unit that treats women with postpartum depression. The instructor assigns the following questions as part of the preclinical preparation. What is depression, and what is the current biogenic theory for the causes of depression? Describe the actions of these classes of antidepressants. · TCA · MAO inhibitors · SSRI’