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The population of a village was about 10,000 on 1/1/2009, of which 1000 have a history of measles prior to 2009. During 2009, 200 subjects developed measles. During a survey carried out on 1/2/2009, 100 persons were found to be ill with the disease on that day, and 20 of them actually developed the disease on that day. During 2009, 90 of those who developed measles died from the disease, none of them died in January. Altogether, there were total of 200 deaths from all cause in that population during that year. Assume there is no change on the population, and a single attack of measles provides life0long immunity. Calculate the following:
The incidence proportion for measles for 2009.
Calculate the point prevalence on 1/2/2009 (assume no deaths in January).
The case fatality rate.
The risk of developing measles during 2009.
Is the incidence proportion a meaningful measure of incidence in this example?