Statistics homework help. Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Policy Change Proposal Introductory Paragraph.According to Clark, Friedman & Fadus Children especially in schools need practical exercises to prevent obesity and high blood pressure. This will help reduce the problem of diabetes among children by almost a hundred percent since it is the main cause of diabetes among children. Moreover, school going children need to learn the importance of keeping together and working as one without the risks of ethnic groups in order to control the chances of children contracting diabetic due to ethnic lines. Therefore, the federal government and health stakeholders need to control and prevent the spread of diabetes among children by acting upon the above-mentioned ideas to realize reduce of diabetes among children and adults.Suicide is self-attempted murder that is prohibited at all cost. Stern actions are often taken to any individual or group found practicing it or assisting anyone in performing the act. Therefore, medics or any other health practitioners found assisting an individual by providing euthanasia, assisted suicide or mercy killing need arrest and face the full weight of the law as Mason, Leavitt & Chaffee make their view. The public policy and the federal government need to act and pass stern conditions to people found guilty of the offence or people who assist others in suicidal process because it is unlawful and violation to human rights based on the Congress of the united states of

Statistics homework help