Statistics homework help. kindly assist with the below question:to draw a unified modelling language (UML) design class that shows the above information for the MobilePhoneclass.Mobile Shack is a mobile phone rental company based in Maseru, Lesotho. They have an informationsystem for keeping track of their mobile phones, which has a main concrete entity class calledMobilePhone. It has three attributes that are private strings with initial NULL values. The attributeInternational Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) has the property of “key.” The other attributes arethe manufacturer of the cellular / mobile phone (for example: Samsung Electronics) and the model ofthe cellular phone (for example: J5). There is also an integer class-level attribute containing the totalcount of all mobile phone objects that have been instantiated. MobilePhone methods include creatinga new instance, updating the manufacturer, updating the model, and getting the mobile phoneinformation (i.e. IMEI, manufacturer and model). There is a class-level method for getting the count ofall mobile phones.

Statistics homework help