Statistics homework help. Compose a 500 words essay on Chapter3. Needs to be plagiarism free!This business is affected by regulations that govern the standard of products being produces. There are potential fines if the standard law is not met. Canada is a stable country so the company does not experience frequent changes in laws and regulations. The economic analysis examines how the business is affected by the world’s economy. The non-alcoholic beverage industry in Canada has high sale because of the high economic growth in the country. Social analysis examines how changes in the society affect the organization. Consumers who are around the ages of 37 to 55 are becoming more concerned with nutrition. They are changing their lifestyles to a more healthy habit. Technological analysis examines how emerging technology affects the company (Edwards, 2014). This company has taken advantage of new technology to improve its products in terms of packaging the products and through its marketing strategy. The legal analysis examines how the company is affected by the national and world legislation. The company has all the rights that is applicable to the nature of its business. The Environmental analysis examines how environmental issues affect the company. Coca Cola makes sure that all its facilities comply with the environmental laws set by the government. The company understands the importance of studying the PESTLE in its success.Companies operate in very competitive markets where substitutes and competitors keep on emerging. It is crucial for companies to be innovative in order to survive in the industry. One product that faces competition is Colgate. This toothpaste has been in the market for many years and is one of the most trusted brand s in the market. This is also recommended by dentist worldwide for its ability to strengthen the enamel, whiten the teeth and freshens the breathe. However, toothpaste brands have increased significantly in the market over the years. The market is filled with many brands, each with its own

Statistics homework help