Statistics homework help. Need help with my writing homework on Education in the UAE. Write a 500 word paper answering; Education in the UAE Introduction Education is among the fastest growing sectors in UAE over the recent past. Many learning institution have been established, and more teaching staff employed to boost the quality of education all over the country. Essentially, the UAE government has established abundant institutions of higher learning to promote educational advancement and quality skill development (Mazawi & Sultana, 2010). In addition, the UAE government has established well-equipped research centers to enhance innovation and promote new inventions. The UAE’s government initiative to promote education has seen the country boost its GDP to a remarkable level. Generally, the current education system has aided in developing the country’s economy in a number of ways.Contribution of education to UAE’ EconomyEducation has facilitated better living standards for UAE citizens. Acquisition of advanced skills through education has enabled UAE residents secure well-paying jobs both at home and in foreign countries. In addition,education has facilitated acquisition of skills necessary for establishing personal businesses and self-employment. In this regard, many people can participate in nation building and public projects development. Participation of citizens innation building and other activities such as funding public projects has largely boostedthe economic growth of UAE.The current UAE education mechanism has aided in providing adequate personnel to run the country’s economic activities. The UAE isable to produce adequate personnel to serve in government and exportthe surplus to other countries. The current education system has been structured in away that facilitates training of technical and professional faculties such as engineering, medicine, accounting among others. This has assisted in lowering the wage bill since professionals acquired locally are cheaper than those acquired from foreign country. Money that used to be spenton acquiring human resource from other countries before the inception of the current education system isnow used for economic developments in the country.Education has helped in reducing over dependency on oil as the core source of income. In fact, the current education system in the UAE has boosted diversification of the economy base since unlighted people can engage in a variety of economic activities such as international trade, entrepreneurship, tourism and many other activities.Education potential in the next five yearsThe UAE education has a great potential of continued development in the next five years. This is because the UAE government has invested heavily on the new technology and research. In addition, over 20% of the total annual budget is allocated to the education sector. The government funding and continued training of the teaching staff for all levels of education will see the UAE education system scale to higher heights.In addition, the UAE government, through the ministry of education, has encouraged education exchange programmes with other countries to facilitate acquisition of better skills by both students and teachers. ConclusionEducation is a basic fundamental structure for positive economic growth for any country. The UAE government has emphasized on continued development of education for effective economic growth. Every nation which aspires to achieve reasonable economic growth should emulate the steps taken by UAE in developing the education system and curriculum.Reference:Mazawi, A. E., & Sultana, R. G. (2010).&nbsp.World yearbook of education 2010: Education and the Arab “world”: political projects, struggles, and geometries of power. New York: Routledge.

Statistics homework help