Statistics homework help. HI, Based on the first proposal attached for TVOntorio, this assignment is in follow up to that proposal.Purpose: To write a full business diagnosis about the TVOntorio proposal you have written. Up to 800 words.Scope:(1) Identify three strategy options and recommend one(2) Identify four to six critical issues per strategy(3) Identify root causes of each critical issue (the 5-whys method)(4) Write a high-level implementation planPlease check out attached word document named “template”. Based on the strategy you think would an appropriate one, please fill out each details of every table based on the selected strategy. In the “template” document you will note that the tables are built upon each other, starting from broad to more detailed. Thus, you have to use them in order. Do you need to use them all? Most students do so they present a logical and meaningful flow. However, if you think would like to use less, feel free to do so as long as you present a logical and meaningful analysis. This document is supposed to express the solution for the proposal which needs to be precise, detailed, accurate, ans to the point.Please do not add any plagiarized content into the answer. Please also submit the turnitin report to check plagiarism.Let me know if you have question.

Statistics homework help