Statistics homework help. Date Wireless has the following assets:     Current assets: Temporary$1,190,000   Permanent1,380,000   Capital assets7,950,000    Total assets$10,520,000   Its operating profit (EBIT) is expected to be $2.9 million. Its tax rate is 30 percent. Shares are valued at $20. Capital structure is either short-term financing at 5 percent or equity. There is no long-term debt. (Round the final answers to 2 decimal places.)a. Calculate expected earnings per share (EPS) if the firm is perfectly hedged.EPS           $ b. Calculate expected EPS if it has a capital structure of 30% debt.EPS           $ c. Recalculate a and b if short-term rates go to 12 percent.  EPS  Hedged$     Capital structure

Statistics homework help