Sociology homework help. Write 3 pages with APA style on Operating System and Notepad. There are many uses of an operating system but this paper will focus upon the use of operating system related to Word Pad. “WordPad is a simple proprietary word processor that is included with almost all versions of Microsoft Windows from Windows 95 upwards. It is more advanced than Notepad, which is a rather basic text editor, but much more simple than Microsoft Word. It originated in Windows 1.0x as Write.” ( Wikipedia, 10 September 2008). Word Pad provides the user with numerous facilities like formatting and printing the foramtted text. A user is free to choose the text size, the font script which suits his/her requirements the best, if a user makes any mistake, it can instantly be rectified within no time. The margin facility is also at the disposal of an user, with the help of which an user can start any sentence away from the margin or can also perform various other functions. There are many other facilities provided by Word Pad, these facilities include, bold, italics, underline and a host of other facilities. The spell check facility is the most amazing facility where in the user can correct his/her mistake instantly. “Notepad is a common text-only (also referred to as plain text) editor. The resulting files – typically saved with the .txt extension – have no format tags or styles, making the program suitable for editing system files that are to be used in a DOS environment.” ( Wikipedia, 10 September 2008). Notepad also provides the user with many facilities but its biggest drawback is that the user cannot format the text in notepad, notepad does not provide the facility of formatting the text but on the other hand the facility of copy/paste is the backbone of notepad, the copy/paste feature helps in more ways than one. Notepad allows the user to edit almost any format text file, which makes various tasks easier for any user. Notepad is also very helpful in website building, its capy/paste feature makes website building very easy.

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