Sociology homework help. Write a 9 pages paper on quicken financial program. ced the republication and distribution of Quicken software products, under a license agreement with the US Company Intuit, has helped the organization to grow rapidly. By using this facility, a user can speed up the process of data entry and do the mathematical works with accuracy. It can also be used for the creation of charts, reports, and graphs.Quicken has revolutionized the processing of business and personal financial transactions of an organization by its wide range of utility. Quicken provides online backup to its customers and supports the process of accessing one’s financial data from remote locations. Online services are made available to customers who have a license agreement with Quicken. Access to online services are made through the use of the PIN vault. This helps the user to store their own designated PIN and password for multiple financial institutions in one place, with a valid password created to access his or her own account information.Quicken is not liable for any loss or damages of any sort incurred as a result of misdealing with any services provided by the financial institution or another third party. The customers are also limited to the extent that they can access only those financial institutions, which are currently function with Quicken Software.Today Quicken possesses more than 17 million valued customers and it will not be an exaggeration to say that the growth in the usage of Quicken is at a faster rate than any other financial software like Microsoft money. Quicken software provides much more added features and advantages like portfolio management and analysis, morning star rating, transaction search – all screen, expandable register, attached electronic images. It can be used to convert reports to PDFs, edit reports once customized. Quicken products are compatible with institutions from multi-million dollar corporations to a small private owned entrepreneur alike. In order to meet the fast-growing demand for Quicken software the company is trying to improve the quality of existing products and create more products and services to compete with the modernization of technologies.

Sociology homework help