Sociology homework help. What changes in business software platforms have you experienced, and what was the driving force behind the change?What important trends in business hardware are occurring?  What relationship do you see happening between hardware changes and software?  In your experience, which seems to drive the other and why? How important do you perceive databases and data mining to business?  How could a small business take advantage of the technology? In your opinion, should software dictate business processes or should the business process dictate the software structure?  Why?  What are the risks? Selecting a performance management process and appraisal method requires significant levels of analysis. These would include the amount and quality of input, the time available to complete the appraisal, the value of the appraisal to both the employee and the company, and the clarity associated with the performance objectives that are developed.Using your own personal experiences and opinions, discuss what you believe are the benefits and concerns associated with each of the following types of performance appraisal methods:Supervisor-conductedSupervisor-conducted with input from the employee360-degree appraisalDiscuss the benefits of management by objectives and how this impacts the performance management process in a real-life situation. Your response should include the basic steps that are associated with this process.Discuss the steps that are associated with a job analysis process. Based on your personal experience, why do you think the job analysis process is important?You can provide the experiences of your family or friends in your responses if you do not have your own in these areas.

Sociology homework help