Sociology homework help. Write a 4 page essay on How Higher Education is more than Academics- A Reflection on the Decision Making Process.The objective of higher learning institution is to ensure that the learners get sufficient knowledge that will enable them to be important members of the society. This Calls for the cooperation of the students since they are the beneficiaries. The aim of this paper is to discuss the decision-making process of students in higher learning institutions. and why they should remain honest and not break the honor code.In every learning institution examinations are used to rate the academic qualifications of the students. The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education has offered a proper definition of academic standards as precise levels of academic achievement employed in the explanation and gauging of academic needs and accomplishments (Materu, 55). The University code requires students to embrace honesty in their tests and class assignments. In the academic life, students usually face the challenge in deciding on ethics and choice. When it comes to examinations and assignments, it is usually the decision of the student to behave ethically and embrace honesty in his or her work or to choose to take part in illegal group discussion or to copy the work from the internet. The decision a student makes pertaining the testing and assignments, will affect him positively or negatively. For instance if a student decides to cheat in an examination, it is a very risky decision because if he is caught, he is likely to be discontinued from the University if proved guilty (Forest & Kinser, 280). This will be a very big loss to the student and the society since the student will not attain his academic goal, thus hindering him from pursuing his or her career. It is important for the students to embrace honesty since dishonesty is destructive to the victims, parents, the instructors and the colleagues. Whenever the college education of a student is terminated, everyone feels the loss. The students should work hard by ensuring that

Sociology homework help