Social Work homework help. A study looked at the average number of steps per second for 100 randomly selected college male runners at different speeds. The table gives the output from a regression analysis.Write the regression equation.What three graphs should be checked with regard to conditions for a test of significance for the slope of the regression line? Briefly Explain.Perform a test for significance. For the analysis, use the significance level of 0.01.For 1 I gotsteps=1.76608+0.080284(speed)But I’m just really lost over all. Please help!R squared = 99.8%s = 0.0091 with 7 – 2 = 5 degrees of freedomVariable Coefficients.e. of coefft-ratioprob.Constant 1.766080.030757.6<0.0001Speed0.0802840.001649.7<0.0001

Social Work homework help