Social Work homework help. For this project, you will choose a journal article addressing an alternative or complementary therapy or theory of health.The book or journal article needs to be published within 5 years by a credentialed author(s) and be about a specific CAM therapy not just a general book or article about therapies.You must read the entire book and post a one (1-2) pages cliff-note of the of the journal article and post a detailed summary of the article.Instructions *** You must write a 1 to 2 pages cliff notes ( a summary of the article make sure you talk about all the sub-headings in the article example intro, stroke,HTN*** make sure is APA STYLE, NO PLAGIARISM, AND SHOULD BE LESS THAN 30% ON TURN IT IN, MUST HAVE A REFERENCE PAGE AND THE ARTICLE SHOULD BE CITED.*** THE ARTICLE IS THE ONE THAT I ATTACHED IS CALLE “Role of complementary and alternative medicine in geriatric care: A mini review”

Social Work homework help