Social Work homework help. Need an argumentative essay on Quantitative research. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.s article of (2009), an Input-Output Analysis, addresses the input and output analysis for Romania, which is one of the significant sources of information that investigates the interrelations between the different existing industries. The input-output analysis is necessary as it is used in the determination of the importance of the different economic value added, incomes, and employment in relationship to the economy. Delener (2010) “current trends in the global tourism industry: Evidence from the United States” address the modern ways in the United States travel industry. The article discusses the matter of the US travel industry due to the increasing nature of the tourism industry.The major hypothesis in each of the articles makes sense based on the manner in which they articulate the points. Each of the articles addresses matters of concern in the Tourism world. Ye, Li & Wang (2014), main argument is based on the way in which price influence pre purchase perceptions and the post purchase satisfaction. The development of e-tourism makes many individuals opt for that although the influence of price on post purchase perceptions in the internet is not known. The research therefore strives to know the influence of price on pre purchase options in the internet. Surugiu (2009), the central argument is on the input and output analysis of the Hotels and the restaurants sector in the tourism industry. The hotels and the restaurants form a vital part of the tourism industry.Delener (2010), the main argument is based on the ever-expanding nature of the tourism industry. The article, therefore, looks at the current trends in the travel industry, which is one of the industries correlated with the tourism industry. The travel industry forms a great part of the tourism sector and without each complementing one another the chances of the tourism industry failing is high.The study or rather the research design in articles was different based on the manner in which the

Social Work homework help