Warm-Up Activity 3.1: The Belmont Report
As you review The Belmont Report, located under your weekly resources, consider how its three fundamental principles – respect for persons, beneficence, and justice – also are reflected in the APA Code of Ethics.
Warm-Up Activity 3.2: IRB Approval
Although it will be some time before you begin tackling your dissertation project, take time to become familiar with the Institutional Review Board process at Northcentral University. Visit the NCU Dissertation Center, located under your weekly resources.
Warm-Up Activity 3.3: Review APA Code of Ethics Standard 8: Research and Publication
This week, take time to review Standard 8: Research and Publication of the APA Code of Ethics, located under your weekly resources. When you are completed, draft a scenario that you can use as part of your Signature Assignment due in Week 12. Remember, you will present your list of scenarios to your instructor for review in Week 9.
Your task this week is to locate at least five articles for use in your Week 4 paper, which requires you to examine the impact of the original Milgram obedience study on The Belmont Report Standards, as well as the implications for future research in the field of psychology.
Submit your Reference List including those 5 articles. The reference list should be formatted based on the APA guidelines.
Upload your assignment using the Upload Assignment button below.