Religious Studies homework help. Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Molds and Volatile Organic Chemicals as Indoor Air Pollution. The use of chemicals and pesticides for the purpose of spraying ants and other domestic worms, like cockroaches, entrap the harmful chemicals inside our rooms, thus causing a major health hazard for us. Although the environmental pollution coming from outside may add to the decay in the air quality of our homes, indoor pollution is sometimes more harmful than the bad quality of air found outside. While there is the documented evidence of tobacco smoke, lead particles, mold, asbestos and pesticide chemicals being responsible for causing life-threatening diseases like cancer and respiratory ailments. the release of toxic and harmful chemicals from plastic softeners, detergents and flame retardants add o such health hazards. (Kay, 2004) Since home, school and workplace environment provides continuous exposure to indoor pollution, the effect on human lungs is the greatest danger due to the same. In addition, the air-borne pollutants can cause non-respiratory diseases, depending on the toxicity of chemicals inhaled. However, the establishment of etiology for the same may be difficult, as the signs and symptoms are non-specific. Moreover, multiple pollutants can cause similar symptoms, which may result in cases of allergy, cold and flu as well as air-borne viral infections. However, the etiological conclusions can be identified if the individuals are able to notice the difference of signs and symptoms, as they remain outside their homes for a longer period. (Indoor Air Pollution) As indoor air pollution can occur in different buildings, which include homes, schools and offices. the accumulation of polluting agents occur due to entrapment of dust particles, gases and biological agents inside the building. Pollutants like carbon dioxide, lead formaldehyde and asbestos can cause severe health hazards, as these are generated during the routine activity taking place inside the building. Furnaces, stoves, fireplaces, water heaters are sources that cause incomplete combustion and thus release many health-damaging pollutants.&nbsp.

Religious Studies homework help