Religious Studies homework help. Diego Company manufactures one product that is sold for $75 per unit in two geographic regions—the East and West regions. The following information pertains to the company’s first year of operations in which it produced 57,000 units and sold 52,000 units. Variable costs per unit:  Manufacturing:  Direct materials$25Direct labor$18Variable manufacturing overhead$3Variable selling and administrative$5Fixed costs per year:  Fixed manufacturing overhead$627,000Fixed selling and administrative expense$645,000The company sold 36,000 units in the East region and 16,000 units in the West region. It determined that $310,000 of its fixed selling and administrative expense is traceable to the West region, $260,000 is traceable to the East region, and the remaining $75,000 is a common fixed expense. The company will continue to incur the total amount of its fixed manufacturing overhead costs as long as it continues to produce any amount of its only product.9. If the sales volumes in the East and West regions had been reversed, what would be the company’s overall break-even point in unit sales?

Religious Studies homework help