Religious Studies homework help. Thefirst step in doing any research (including your dissertation) is coming up with an idea or topic to research. Thetopic should be significant enough to research but focused on onespecific area of the content domain. In this assignment, write a 350 word abstract to propose a researchtopic that you would like to pursue in this course. The topic MUST pertain to information technology in the global economy.Dissertation GuidelinesChoosing a Research Topic Candidates begin thinking about dissertation topics when applying for admission to the program. The dissertation topics must be grounded in theory, related to program goals, and have specificimplications for practitioners. Candidates are encouraged to choose research topics of personalrelevance and significance. When opportunities arise in coursework, candidates should beginresearching these topics in the form of literature reviews and other assignments that allow forresearch.Topic: Has new technology helped or hurt global problems?Note: please follow the guidelines as above.

Religious Studies homework help