Religious Studies homework help. Complete 7 page APA formatted essay: Topic is listed in the details.Attention is then focused on-patient provider interactions and the impact of the larger ecology in which these interactions are nested. An exploration of future challenges and directions for mental health services for American Indians and Alaska natives, with emphasis on the role of traditional treatments, the promise of the chronology and issues raised by evidence bases practices (Strong,2012).Health disparities for minority populations are defined by sociopolitical contexts. American Indians are among American minorities in their historical and current relationship with the U.S. government. As a matter of fact, from their first contact, European settlers’ interactions with the native groups were characterized by conquest, seizure of resources, compulsory relocation, and systemic campaigns of genocide. The new government however continued these practices by developing policies of resettlement, attempted assimilation, and forced reservation relocation. By the 20th century, most American Indians tribes had been exterminated, dispersed, or driven onto federally created reservations.AS if not enough, on the reservations, the tribes continued to face threats to their identity from explicit government policies, for example, when federal laws banned traditional religious practices practices, the latter half of the 20th century for many American Indian native communities brought self determination, self governance, community and cultural rights, and greater awareness of the challenges facing American Indian communities. Disparities in mental health for American Indians are inherently tied to the history and current sociopolitical landscapes experienced by this population. There are more than are currently 562 federally recognized tribes representing a diverse array of distinct cultural groups and a wide range of accumulation. There are more than 200 different languages with more than a quarter million f the 4 million

Religious Studies homework help