Religious Studies homework help. Respond to…Based on what I have learned so far in terms of leadership and organizational culture, I support Guthrie’s position. Guthrie (2014) supported that, as a leader, one sets the tone and example for the behavior and environment that is acceptable. From this statement, it is clear that Guthrie feels Christine harbored an environment that leads to an environment that allowed and flourished the behavior in question.Reviewing what we know about organizational culture, supports this belief. The culture of an organization will guide the people of the organization in how they think, feel, value, and act (Alvesson, 2002). A well-developed culture has a great influence on the behavior of an organization. Management develops the organization’s culture. A well-developed culture will influence how an organization responds to change, how leadership and employees relate, and how employees interact with customers (Alvesson, 2002). The influence culture has on these responses encourages management to work to create a culture that aligns these responses with their overall mission and vision.ResourcesAlvesson, M.  (2002).  Understanding organizational culture.  Retrieved from https://ebookcentral-proquest-com.proxy-library.ashford.eduGuthrie, D. (2014, January 16). Who’s to Blame for Creating a Toxic Organizational Culture? Retrieved from

Religious Studies homework help