Religious Studies homework help. Compose a 4000 words essay on Lesson plans. Needs to be plagiarism free!The teacher reviews the previous lesson on presenting data in tabular form. All charts will be written in poster paper using markers.4. The groups present their data in class while the teacher facilitates the discussion. The students must be able to articulate the steps that they did to arrive at the answer,as well as the operation(s) that they performed. All the groups keep their charts on the board.5. The teacher then consolidates all the findings in one singe table. Students are encouraged to fill in the table on the board using the data from the different groups. The same questions asked in the groups will be asked in class. The teacher rehearses the steps in problem solving: Question, Given Facts, Operation(s), Solution and Conclusion.6. The teacher introduces how to make graphical presentations of the data. She gives two examples and then asks the students to fill out a worksheet of an empty chart based on the consolidated data presented. At the end, they have to write sentences about the chart :“In a class there were 10 students who ran the mini-track in 3 minutes. Elvi ran 7 rounds. She ran the most number of rounds. Anthony ran 2 rounds. He ran the least number of rounds. How many more rounds did Elvi ran than Anthony?”The teacher asks the students to identify given facts that are not necessary to solving the problem. After, one student will be asked to answer the problem. The teacher emphasizes the need to understand the comparative nature of the problem and the consequent operation(s) required. Illustrations maybe used to help some students understand the problem.9. Teachers then gives paired work with more challenging problems. Teacher ensures that each student have an equal opportunity to work out the answers. High ability students can be paired with low ability students. Teacher must also go around the groups and draw out answers from students with low ability. S/he models

Religious Studies homework help