Religious Studies homework help. Reaction Scheme: (Insert ChemDoodle drawing of the reaction scheme for this experiment,include your name at the bottom of the picture)(insert here)HCO&HAcetic Acid (ACOH)HHBr2COZHTrans-Cinnamic AcidBr Br2,3-Dibromo-3-Phenylpropanioc AcidMass of trans-cinnamic acid:1.59gMass of product:3.44gPercent yield:104%Melting point range of product:Sample calculations for percent yield: (Use Equation Editor to put your equations here)(insert here)1.59 g TCA X 71 mol148. 16 g TCA= 0. 01073 mols of TCAtheortical: 0. 01073 mol TCA x-1 mol PAcid307.97g1 mol TCAX1 mol p Acid= 3.31g product acidpercent yeild =3.443.31 * 100 = 104%Questions:1. Based on a comparison of the melting point of your sample with those of the two possiblediastereomers, provide the identity of the stereoisomer produced and by which mechanismbromination had likely occurred. Hint: a ChemDoodle sketch of the mechanism may help.2. Provide the absolute stereochemical descriptors (R/S) of the two chiral centers of this productand explain how these were established. Hint: a ChemDoodle sketch may help.3. Were you able to successfully carry out this addition reaction of bromine with an alkene andin doing so establish by which mechanism the reaction might have occurred?4. Bromine is a highly corrosive chemical, yet it is used in many other chemical reactions. UsingChemDoodle. SciFinder, and Klein (your lecture textbook) give another example of anotherreaction that utilizes Bromine, provide a reference for your answer. Hint: It has to be somethingother than the reaction provided in this lab manual.

Religious Studies homework help