Religious Studies homework help. Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses what were fields initial actions upon acquiring lpb. The company was quite big in size adding $45 billion in revenue in 1987 in comparison to previous acquisitions wherein changes to MIS were necessitated as in the case of retail cookie chain, the Chocolate Chip Company in 1984 but LPB baked and served products, according to Randy were, “a logical extension for the bakery aspect of Mrs. Fields’ cookies.” The same rule was applied to the company’s technological processes also so that leverage could be made from the already operational MIS system without tailoring it to the needs of management functions of LPB. Management at Mrs. Fields was of the opinion that different department heads functional at LPB like accounting, finance, human resource, and training could be assimilated in their MIS system positively.Imagining me in the position of an LPB store manager could be like waiting my turn to be declared incapacitated to work in the new environment. The system I had been habitual to work got vanished. All those reporting to me their job duties remaining absent from work and instead of finding solace in the generated MIS reports and taking action on the basis of new workflows I had not been a part of, could have put me easily in an awkward position. Without any orientation and training of the new IT structure, I could have been a disaster and liability for the company. The reporting structure at Mrs. Fields was such that all senior-level and middle-level managers besides the company bosses had to be informed of all jobs performed. Was I such a soft nut to crack? Certainly not!The other side of the scenario could be some initial jerks but with the passing of time, assimilation in the new environment would have happened, enabling me to work in my comfort zone. Considering me an IT-freak, actually, it would have been a good opportunity to learn the IT-enabled processes and perform under the new work structure at LPB, organization.

Religious Studies homework help