Psychology homework help. Write 7 pages thesis on the topic new product deployment. This makes the company strong in thinking globally and act locally. Further to gain grip over the local markets it spends significant amounts on social responsibilities ( consumption of quantity of tea is followed by the consumption of drinking water. On an average about 3 million metric tons of tea is produced in the globe. The largest producer-countries are the largest consumers as well, and the rest is traded either directly to value-added resellers in other countries or bought through auction on the open market ( ‘The UK is the largest per-capita consumer of tea averaging about 3.5 to 4.0 cups per day. India and China are the largest consumers of tea on the basis of total leaf used, and this consumption is largely from internal production.’ ( brands are more and more number of people drink tea in the globe. ‘It is revealed that tea is the most preferable drink after water’ ( Many flavours (as per local and global preferences), different sizes (such as 1000 Gms, 500gms, 250 Gms, 100 Gms, 50 Gms dip tea bags) are brought by research and by the firms including Unilever. There are different blends of tea namely. premium blend which is costly and tasty where as regular blend is cheap and not so strong and tasty. Similarly leaf teas, yellow tea, green tea, iced tea, ice tea are also in the market. Earlier days tea used to be served in hot and now tea also is served in cool. Further ‘all teas – black, green, oolong or white provide with an antioxidant boost and just one 200ml cup of Lipton Yellow Label will provide you with around 135mg of antioxidants’ ( a) Core product description and potential for differentiationTea is mostly available in powder format packed in vaccum evaporated packing system. Most of the parts of the globe tea is served hot. Household customers buy and pour in their bottles or containers at the time of using. With this the customers can not take the benefit of packing. Size reduction (form of sachets), to some extrent, solves the problem but increases the cost of the product and is inconvenient to stock the prooduct (unhygenic) after using partially as each sachet can be used for 4 cups of tea to be served hot..

Psychology homework help