Psychology homework help. Complete 11 pages APA formatted article: Trends in Banking Regulations After the Crisis. The financial crisis has destroyed the confidence of all major banks. It has also affected its reputation. This may not have painful consequences in the short run as the demand for the banking services is relatively inelastic. But in the longer run, banks could feel strong negative repercussions.The literature in relation to changing trends in the banking industry is based on theoretical as well as practical case studies. For this purpose data relating to both 2009 and 2010 are analyzed. Extensive use of reports from the world bank, Federal reserve and opinions from financial experts are included. The literature not only includes details of regulations that are implemented by banks but also suggestions that if implemented can change the face of the entire banking sector. Moreover, outcomes of the new regulations are also discussed.The global financial crisis has affected the credibility of banks. As a result, the banks were forced to change their policies to recover from the crisis. Some trends in policies have raised concerns about the competitive dynamics of the banking sector. The banking sector has become more concentrated after the onset of the financial crisis. In Australia, which has a well-developed banking sector, all the major bank’s net interest margins increased over the crisis. All the major banks in Australia increased their market share for most of the products during the crisis. The share of owner-occupier housing loan approvals in the last five years increased from 60% to 82%. A major driver for the consolidation of the market share was because of the firms exiting from the market or due to the scale of operations.

Psychology homework help