Political Science homework help. Write 1 page essay on the topic Discuss the Battle of New Orleans and Andrew Jacksons role in the campaign and battle. Why was Jackson successful What impact did the battle have on the war On US politics.Karsner states that Jackson believed that even if British troops completely seized victory in the region, they will have nothing left if the region was burned down (Karsner 240). Later Jackson stood victorious against the British army as he had a lot of time to develop his defenses against the British army. Americans learned great lessons from this event and this event changed the shape and mentality of the politics of US. The first effect witnessed by Americans was that Jackson was able to be a part of the Whitehouse and was able to pursue his belief that the farmers and agriculturalists living in America were not benefiting from purchasing manufactured output from Britain and secondly people living in US realized that if America was to develop, they cannot rely on other supreme powers such as great

Political Science homework help