Political Science homework help. Write 8 pages thesis on the topic saints lives in the moissac cloister. The abbey itself has several versions as to who was its founder. However, it is known that it was founded during the middle of the 7th century (Fletcher).Even though the abbey has witnessed numerous events and tragedies around it, there are still portions that have withstood the test of time. Its walls are the storytellers of what transpired from the time it had been built to the time the abbey was engulfed by flames and up to the present. There are sculptures that will speak about the beliefs of people during that era or what was foreseen. A catch though is that the original art pieces that are seen at present at the St. Peter’s Abbey in Moissac are the same pieces that have been displayed there during the times of its foundation.As the story books tell, there were two names that popped as to who founded the abbey in Moissac. One of the names was Desiderius of Cahors who later became Saint Desiderius of Cahors. Then Bishop of Cahors, St. Desiderius administrated the monastery under the diocese of Cahors (NewAdvent.Org. Schapiro and Finn 253). Before the 7th century ended, the possessions and resources of the abbey grew vastly.The construction of the abbey has been changed by the raids that it encountered during the building period. It is not just the abbey that were destroyed or damaged during these invasions. Several buildings from this era have also been destroyed (Brabbs 41).Louis the Debonnaire aided the reconstruction of the fallen Abbey church. However, it seemed like history just repeated itself when the same ruthlessness that the church experienced during the late 10th century occurred again but this time from the hands of Huns and Normans. What remained of the original abbey after the invasions was destroyed during the later periods of the first century. The original roof casing of the church collapsed in 1030.

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