Political Science homework help. Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Human Disease. It needs to be at least 500 words. Human disease Applied works cited Jasmin, Luc. Alzheimer’s disease. PubMed Health. September 26, Web. November 10, .The information on Alzheimer’s disease, as it appeared on the subject site, was reviewed by Jasmin Luc and published by PubMed, a national library for medical database. The source is credible because it is a government agency’s publication. This establishes confidence because publications by government agencies are subject to verifications before they are done. National. Alzheimer’s disease fact sheet. National Institute on Aging. September, 2012. Web. November, 10, 2012. .The resource was published by a national agency, the National Institute on Aging. Its author is not mentioned but the publisher’s reputation as a government agency communicates a high level of reliability of the published information. This is because such resources are subjected to prerequisite verifications before their publication. EssayGrace, a sixty five year old woman, noted some changes in her cognitive ability that she associated with the general assumption that body processes slow down as people age. Her condition however continued to deteriorate with symptoms that were not reported by people of her age or those who were older than she was. Diagnosis of her condition as Alzheimer’s disease identifies a number of factors as possible causes. Her old age, being 65 years old is one of the risk factors that could have caused the disease. Genetic factors that could have been indicated by the disease’s diagnosis among her close relatives such as sibling or parents, or existence of particular genes in her system are another possible set of causes of her changed condition. Having a reported case of a cardiovascular disease or extreme level of mental stress as well as her gender could also have facilitated development of Grace’s disease. The disease could have therefore independently developed in her or she could have inherited it from her parents through genes (Jasmin, p. 1).Changes in Grace’s cognitive ability that included forgetfulness of tasks and procedures, reduced ability to perform duties, and reduced decision-making ability raised her concerns of a possible problem. Complications that were more serious and that included change in behavior, difficulty to communicate, deteriorated memory and poor cognitive ability then prompted her medical attentions (National, p. 1. Jasmin, p. 1). Even though the disease started with mild symptoms, it gradually worsened to more serious symptoms and adverse effects on the patient. She for example lost her ability to coordinate words into sentences for communication. There was also a significant level of emotional instability as she could easily get angry and overreact to conditions that never bothered her before. The patient also registered significant memory loss and forgot most of her routine activities as well as names of her close relatives (Jasmin, p. 1). In order to manage her condition, Grace was put on two intervention measures, medicinal intervention, and management of her emotional state. Her physician put her on ‘memantine’ as a treatment drug for her malfunctioned cognitive ability besides using psychological interventions to restore her emotional sensitivity (National, p. 1).The applied treatments sustained the patient’s condition by reducing the rate of the disease’s development. Grace did not however regain her original ability (National, p. 1). Works citedJasmin, Luc. Alzheimer’s disease. PubMed Health. September 26, 2011. Web. November 10, 2012. .National. Alzheimer’s disease fact sheet. National Institute on Aging. September, 2012. Web. November, 10, 2012. .

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