Political Science homework help. Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses The Undetected Occurrence of PTSD in Soldiers.Since soldiers are prone to exposure to various traumatic experiences in their endeavours, these traumatic events may lead to the occurrence of PTSD amongst the soldiers. Thus, this creates a need for the detection and prevention of PTSD, especially among soldiers.There exist a number of strategic interventions with regard to the occurrence of PTSD in the society (Bryant, Creamer and O’Donnell, 2009. Foa, Keane, Friedman and Cohen, 2009. Forbes, Creamer and Bisson, 2010. Sones, Thorp and Raskind, 2011. Ursano, Bell and Eth, 2004). These potential intervention measures can be divided into three.Psychological interventions offer a wide variety of intervention methods for adults with respect to the occurrence of PTSD (Gray, Maguen and Litz, 2004. Hoge, Worthington and Nagurney, 2012. Jakupcak, Roberts, Martell, Mulick, Michael and Reed, 2006. Ruzek, Brymer and Jacobs, 2007. Wood, Murphy and McLay, 2009).Thus, some of the psychological intervention methods with regard to the prevention and treatment of PTSD include psychological first aid (PFA). cognitive therapies and exposure-based therapies among other interventions.Since the occurrence of PTSD can also be attributed to biological pathways, there exist various pharmacological intervention methods (Holbrook, Galarneau and Dye, 2010. Matar, Cohen and Kaplan, 2006. McCleery and Harvey, 2004. Schelling, Roozendaal and De, 2004. Stein, Kerridge and Dimsdale, 2007).This is owed to the fact that such debriefing interventions would be geared towards providing the necessary information concerning the occurrence of PTSD amongst the soldiers (Barboza, 2005). The interventions would also create a platform for the affected soldiers to share the traumatic experiences with other concerned parties (Schnurr and Green, 2004). This would significantly contribute to the reduction of the stigmatization associated with the&nbsp.occurrence of PTSD among soldiers.This implies that CISD and CISM provide a suitable intervention platform for individuals who may be affected indirectly by traumatic events such as soldiers.&nbsp.

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