Political Science homework help. Write a 4 page essay on Comparison of Parental Changes in the Past and Today.The little rules with which the children of today are raised stem from the fact that the government has been keen on passing several policies that ensure reduction of punitive measures against the children, terming them as child abuse. This has created a sense of intolerance to discipline amongst the children of today. In addition, the children of today have also been exposed to less criticism from parents. This also translates to lack of discipline amongst a great number of children of today. However, when it comes to the olden days, children were raised with very strict rules from the parents. The parents used to criticize the children whenever they were wrong. This meant that the children of the olden days became increasingly tolerant to matters relating to discipline. This makes the children of the older days to become more disciplined compared to the children of today. The intolerance to discipline as observed amongst the children of today has instigated into them a variety of ill behaviors, including finding confidence in enjoying sex without guilt in their teen years. These are some of the behavioral atrocities that completely lacked in the children of the old days. It is of critical significance to note that the role of woman has considerably changed within the family over the past decades. Initially, women were viewed as people whose position was solely centered in the kitchen. The society never expected women to take active roles in politics, education, and business among other roles.

Political Science homework help