Political Science homework help. Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on William Wordsworth analysis. It needs to be at least 2000 words.His interest in the monastic culture arises from the fact that the culture seeks to revitalize the natural resources existing in the societies. In his poetries, Tufts of primroses and prelude, Wordsworth depicts the role and essence of the naturally existing resources including the environment, which sustains life “have the potential to revitalize local communities and their natural resources” (819). The interaction between humans and their environments must thereby possess a reconciliatory touch owing to the fact that humans have degraded their environments a feature responsible for pollution. Environmental degradation is a result of reckless living. such exemplify disregards to the values and privileges of others in the society. The monastic culture on the other hand vouches for moral coexistence, adherence to such a culture as vouched for by religions would therefore compel humans to care for their environment a feature that Wordsworth attests will result in the revitalization of both the environment and the society.Wordsworth portrays his ecological concerns as he addresses the monastic ruins and relating them to the religious teachings. He likens natural resources to spirituality, which nourishes the soul through progressive consultations. An individual must care for his or her faith through frequent reconciliation with the faith. By developing such a relationship with the faith, the individual easily obtains spiritual gratification as the faith revitalizes itself. The same applies for natural resources, which requires effective utilization. “With proper care, nature becomes an ongoing source of spiritual and material replenishment,” (822).Wordsworth further acknowledges the developments in the society and the effects of such developments as industrialization and urbanization to both religions and the environments. He explains that as secularity threatens the institution of monastery in the church so

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