Physics homework help. Compose a 250 words assignment on technology evaluation different time, same place. Needs to be plagiarism free! Journalism, Mass Media and Communication Technology Evaluation “Different Time, Same Place” Cultural Dimensions As a social media company Twitter allows for collaborating or working together between members of an organization. Both individuals and teams can use real time communication ‘tweets’ as a method of communication within a company. Personal profiles and communities of practice, which are communities of Twitter users grouped by topic are available and can be searched. Twitter does not identify experts in areas though using the search feature you are able to locate any keyword though this does not make them experts in that area.Economic Dimensions Twitter allows you to easily transfer information between individuals in a company and could possibly reduce the efforts of working together and make completing tasks easier through the use of real time communication between many members of an organization at once. Though it could possible save time working on tasks this is not a known certainty. It is possible to search for any key word however I do not believe it would save time searching for information.Political Dimension Twitter helps you reach relevant peers and its’ service is supportive in helping you reach pertinent managers through the use of its real time interactions. It is a possibility that it could assist you in valuing your coworkers though it is not likely to help you achieve your performance goal unless it is something that you are supposed to communicate to members of your company. Unless it is specified in your job description it is not likely that Twitter will help you in your ultimate job responsibility.Organizational Outcomes Twitters instant multi-way communication can increase a team’s productivity by making it easier for them to collaborate on a project and encouraging interaction and relationships among team members. It is not likely to enable a team to work faster unless they are a distance apart and communication among many members of an organization is necessary to complete a job. Technological Dimension Twitter works well on both personal computer and mobile device, once it is an allowed application it also functions well within an intranet. By connecting you to others in your organization Twitter can be used as a method of real time communication. Twitter does not allow you to store files on its servers and does not integrate with other services. Twitter can assist an organization in multiple ways. Instant communication between many members or employees at one time and in real time is an invaluable tool in getting any project completed. The fact that it works on multiple platforms, any computer or mobile device with internet capabilities is all that is required, is a convenience and feature that increases Twitters’ value. Increasing productivity, enhanced relationship formation between employees, ease of information and update transfers, and promoting economic aptitude through the use of a free communication platform are only a few of the benefits and possibilities of Twitter.ReferencesTwitter. (n.d.). Retrieved December 24, 2011, from http://www.twitter.comTwitter Mobile. (2011). Retrieved December 24, 2011, from https://mobile.twitter.

Physics homework help