Physics homework help. Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Additional Qualitative Approaches above Creswells Five Approaches.Alternatively, the interactionism approach tries to understand the role of human being in their natural settings. In other words, the interactionism is not pegged on analyzing culture and norms but actual behavior of the targeting persons and how such behaviors may change with other social changes.Naturalistic and Interactionism qualitative approaches will help me in undertaking my dissertation that is pegged on understanding leadership in disaster management that includes disaster preparedness, response, and evacuation. This project involves understanding human behavior. thus, can be applied in understanding leadership in response to these circumstances. Moreover, the interactionism will help in understanding how professional interact with other in undertaking their leadership demands. Nonetheless, the application of these aspects will include observation, interviews, cohort studies, and review of documents in understanding the relationship of human behaviors and their roles in the society.According to Rousseau’s contribution to the discussion, despite discussing the five Creswell’s qualitative research approaches, it does not mean that other qualitative approaches do not exist (Denzin, 1989). In his contribution, Rousseau addressed Naturalistic and Interactionism as other additional qualitative approaches that were never considered by Creswell. He notes that these two additional approaches are symbolic or interpretive (Blumer, 1976).

Physics homework help