Physics homework help. Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on data communication and networking. The simplest goal to be achieved is the transfer of data. A computer network not only allows us for the faster means of data communication but it also helps in accessing programs, databases, and other software or tools that are distant from our approach. A simple network comprises of computers, network operating system software, cable (wiring) to connect the devices, network interface cards, switches and a router (Laudon, Laudon 299). Almost all the businesses nowadays use spreadsheets, word pads etc. to store their germane information which might also be needed by other departments of that companies and the interruption in transporting this information may cause some hindrances for the organization that might lead to ineffective and inefficient production. Connecting all the computers of that organization within and outside departments really helps a lot in increasing the competitive advantage of the organization as the data will be available on time. In addition, networking also helps in reducing the cost of saving work in different soft copies and hard copies since it allows the sharing of work. Networking is the buzz word these days.

Physics homework help