Philosophy homework help. Step by step solution please.4. Water vapor evaporating from a pond does so as if it were diffusing across an air film 0.15 centimeters thick. The diffusion coefficient of water vapor in 20 degrees C air is about 0.25 cm^2/sec. If the air out of the film is fifty percent saturated with water vapor, how fast will the water level drop in a day? Data: the saturation partial pressure for water vapor at 20 degrees C is 23.4 millibar (1 atm = 1.0325 bar). The molecular weight of water is 18 g/mol. Hint: assume the mixture of air and water vapor obeys the ideal gas law. 5. Diaphragm cells are frequently calibrated by allowing 1 molar potassium chloride to diffuse into pure water. Your cell has compartment volumes of (upper) 42.3 cm^3 and (lower) 40.8 cm^3; the diaphragm is a glass frit 2.51 cm in diameter and 0.16 cm thick. In one calibration experiment, the concentration difference at 36 hours 6 minutes is 49.2% of that originally present.Estimate the diffusion coefficient? What is the cell’s calibration constant?Assume H, the membrane partition coefficient=1.6. Consider the diffusion of dopant element A into crystalline wafer. The dopant rich coating is considered as a large source of A relevant to the amount of A diffused, so that the surface concentration CAs can be considered a constant. Determine the depth (z) of the front of diffusing dopant after two hours of diffusion. Assume that the front concentration is 2% of the surface concentration. Diffusivity of A= 6.5 X 10^-13 cm^2/s.

Philosophy homework help