Philosophy homework help. Need an argumentative essay on Read argument assignment. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.For starters, we need to clarify that perception checking is a necessary skill that is required for the accurate analysis and objective estimation of a current situation. This is a method by which a person may be prevented from jumping to a conclusion based on a “perceived reality” with lack of information and observation backing it up. The role of this act is to prevent the effects of a wrong reaction or solution to the problem faced. Which is why as a communication tool, perception checking may be based upon the following principle:Originally, perception checking was not observed to be a universal tool, but it proved to be highly useful in avoiding communication conflicts and misconceptions without which we would be subjected to making the wrong conclusions all the time.However, there are times when the method is also improperly used. So as a rule of thumb, the following guidelines apply to the use of perception checking as a communication tool: first of all we demonstrate the respect for the experience and personality of every individual we communicate with, and build the relations based on honesty and mutual truth. We discourage ourselves from mind reading, and thus, avoid essential mistakes, which originate from it. As the perception tool is so powerful that is can invoke a sense of high confidence in a person, it is important to reiterate to the person being listened to that the listener cares for his or her point of view and respects it.Perception checking is a communication tool that encourages people to think over the existing circumstances of a situation and applying reason and logic to the currently seen outcome. Take the following case as an imaginary example:If it becomes dark in a room, people do not think that a nuclear carrying missile has just destroyed the power plant. People usually think there is a blown fuse which has left the whole house without power. However, the most likely reason for

Philosophy homework help