Philosophy homework help. Assignment 1 (Essay)Weight: 15% of assessmentLength: 1500 words (excluding references, title page and executive summary) “No manager can afford to ignore the policies and regulations of the country from which he or she conducts international marketing transactions. Wherever a firm is located, it will be affected by government policies and the legal system.” Czinkota & Ronkainen (2013, p.133)Write an essay to explain the statement with emphasis on home and host country government policies that facilitate and regulate the international marketing activities of a business firm with specific example of such policies from a country of your choice as Home (Country of Origin) and Host (Export/FDI Destination) country.Tips for the Assignment:Visit relevant government websites of the country of your choice (your home country is preferred) and identify policies that facilitate and regulate domestic and foreign firms’ international marketing activities within the country. Critically evaluate the facilitating and/or regulating role of at least three (3) to a maximum of five (5) such policies. Home country policies may include promotion of export and other international business activities (including FDIs in foreign country markets) of domestic companies, and any policy that sanction or discourage their international marketing activities with any foreign company and foreign market. Host country policies may include government rules that restrict or regulate international marketing activities (including FDIs) of foreign companies within its territory. Your essay can concentrate either on home government policies for domestic companies’ international marketing activities or policies for marketing activities of the foreign companies in the country.Suggested Structure:1. Introduction: Brief introduction highlighting the importance of understanding home and host government policies and regulations in international marketing activities and provide a structure of the essay (approximately 150 – 200 words)2. Literature Review: Brief literature review highlighting the use and outcomes of different government policies as a background of study topic (approximately 250 -300 words)3. Critical analysis of the selected government policies (issues): This is the core of this assignment to demonstrate your understanding of the nature of a policy, its expected objective for the government, and its likely impact and outcome for the domestic or foreign companies. Your discussion must be critical analysis of each policy rather than simple description. Use any supporting empirical evidence from the literature review to support of your argument (approximately 900 – 1000 words).4. Conclusion: Conclusion to summaries your discussion, implication for your company and comment on any policy (approximately 100 words).5. References: List all your sources of information for the essay. Follow details on it provided in the Unit Guide.Suggested Structure:1. Brief introduction highlighting the main expectation(s) of the essay question and structure of the essay (approximately 150 – 200 words).2. Critical analysis of the major factors/issues in the chosen topic areas and likely impact of those factors/issues on a company’s international marketing operation and strategic direction. Main objective of the critical analysis is to explore alternative managerial viewpoints on different environmental factors/issues to build an in-depth understanding on an international market to develop marketing strategy and managerialpolicies (approximately 1000 – 1200 words).3. Conclusion with highlight on most critical points that may need to be addressed carefully indesigning a marketing plan for the company’s international marketing operation. Also highlight any possible limitation(s) to make a clear understanding on any factor/issue(approximately 100-150 words).4. References – Use relevant references to disclose data sources used for analysis, conceptsused for interpretation of information and back-up your suggested implication of an issue /factor. Use of proper citation rules (use either APA or Harvard citation rules consistently) inthe body of the assignment and reference list. Reference list MUST be in alphabetical order of the first author’s surname (last name). Provide full citation details. Follow Q Manual for appropriate citation and referencing rules. If you don’t have a copy of the Q Manual, get it from Moodle link. No word count will apply for reference list and Turnitin will not check this part for Similarity Score if you separate your Essay by inserting the words: Reference List at the end of your conclusion section.5. Use Essay format.6. Add headings and sub-headings to enhance readability and professional presentation.7. Break your long texts into paragraphs – follow ‘one point, one paragraph’ rule.

Philosophy homework help