Philosophy homework help. Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Healthypeople.People now tend to behave as consumers, through more responsibilities and choices they become more active participants in improving and managing their healthcare.Consumerism is evident in the healthy people 2020 as the healthy people strives to identify the improvements to be made in the health department, increase the public understanding and awareness in the determinants of disability health and disease and identify research, evaluation and the needs for data collection. The healthy people 2020 aims at ensuring that the consumers of heath care are more informed, healthier and, more collaborative (Braveman, 2014, p.29)The institute of medicine in the healthy people 2020 focuses on the consumers as they aim at the promotion of health and giving objectives for disease prevention. These reports give guidance and create awareness on different types of diseases and the best methods of prevention. Through this reports the consumers get up to date information regarding healthcare and are able to take better care of themselves, an example includes the article written on type 2 diabetes prevention. The consumers should be open to the information provided to them and should take it seriously in order to benefit from it and improve their health status (Finkelman,

Philosophy homework help