Dear,i would like to seek your help to develop a literature review for a research proposal assignment. attached is thereferencesthat we will relay on in our proposal. our researchtitleisHouseholdsafetyawareness & responds measure at home.Document Preview: 

Parent’s adherence to children’s home-accident preventive measures K. Tsoumakas1 MD, E. Dousis2 RN, MSc, F. Mavridi3 RN, MSc, A. Gremou4 RN, MSc & V. Matziou5 RN, PhD 1 Associate Professor, 4 Clinical Nurse, 5 Assistant Professor, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Faculty of Nursing, 2 Educational Nursing Officer, Children’s Hospital ‘Aghia Sofia’, 3 Clinical Nurse, Children’s Hospital ‘P. & A. Kiriakou’, Athens, Greece TSOUMAKAS K., DOUSIS E., MAVRIDI F., GREMOU A. & MATZIOU V. (2009) Parent’s adherence to children’s home-accident preventive measures. International Nursing Review 56, 369–374 Aim: To investigate parents’ knowledge and practice of preventive measures concerning children’s home accidents, as well as the factors affecting adherence. Background: Injuries at home constitute the majority of accidental injuries in children aged