Organization Introduction Thesis Transitions Conclusion Introduction is limited or missing entirely.

The paper lacks a thesis statement.

Transitions are infrequent, illogical, or missing entirely. Introduction is present but incomplete or underdeveloped.

The paper is loosely organized around a thesis that may have to be inferred.

Transitions are Introduction has a clear opening, provides background
information, and states the topic.

The paper is organized around an arguable, clearly stated thesis statement. Introduction catches the reader’s attention, provides compelling
and appropriate background info, and clearly states the topic.

The paper is well organized around an arguable, focused thesis. [Score x 2 = 8 pts]

Conclusion is limited or
missing entirely. sporadic.

Conclusion is present, but incomplete or underdeveloped. Transitions are

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appropriate and help the flow of ideas.

Conclusion summarizes main argument and has a clear ending.
Thoughtful transitions clearly show how ideas relate.

Conclusion leaves the reader with a sense of closure and provides concluding insights.
Usage and Mechanics Grammar Spelling
Sentence structure Writing contains numerous errors in spelling, grammar, and/or sentence structure that severely interferes with readability and comprehension. Errors in spelling and grammar exist that somewhat interfere with readability and/or comprehension. Writing follows conventions of spelling and grammar throughout. Errors are infrequent and do not interfere with readability or comprehension. The paper is basically error free in terms of mechanics. Grammar and mechanics help establish a clear idea and aid the reader in following the writer’s logic. [Score x 2 =8 pts]
APA Elements Attribution Paraphrasing Quotations No attempt at APA
format. APA format is attempted to paraphrase, quote, and cite, but errors are significant. Using APA format, accurately paraphrased, quoted,
and cited in many spots throughout when appropriate or called
for. Errors present are
somewhat minor. Using APA format, accurately paraphrased, quoted, and cited throughout the presentation when appropriate or called
for. Only a few minor errors present. [Score x 1 = 4 pts]