Mathematics homework help. Write 2 pages thesis on the topic reason for choosing pharmacy. [Supervisor’s Reason for Choosing Pharmacy I want to become a pharmacist as pharmacists are basically drug specialists who distribute drugs recommended by physicians and other health practitioners. They have the responsibility to educate and let the patients know about the use and potential effects of medication, to keep important medical records of patients to make their safety certain and check their progress. Basically, I am very kind by nature and I cannot see anyone in pain. I heartily want to help people be good in their health because as everyone knows that ‘Health is Wealth’. I really wish to be in direct contact with patients. Pharmacists play an important role in taking care of patients, let them feel better and get well as soon as possible. Pharmacists are involved in recovering the health of patients by suggesting them with appropriate medicines and guiding them to avoid side effects and any detrimental drug interactions (Sibyl, 2001). As well as they work with prescriber to decide the most apposite drug- and non-drug treatment for a patient’s specific gender, age, sickness, health, etc. Therefore, I think a pharmacist is the one who has a great intellect of responsibility and has a strong desire to help better peoples’ wellbeing. it is undoubtedly an occupation worth my pursuing. I think choosing pharmacy and working in it will make my life fuller. it will proffer me feelings of determination.Another major reason is that I think I can greatly benefit from the huge demand for Pharmacists. Pharmacy services are enormously demanded throughout the United States in most areas of the profession. Pharmacists are competent to work in an extensive range of practice positions than ever earlier. With the dearth of pharmacists, students of pharmacy obtain several job offers in general before their graduation. As well as I am very innovative and very keen to know about and work with new advancements. The introduction of digital technologies in pharmacy such as electronic prescriptions and use of computers to maintain different types of records further raises my passion to enter in this field. The curse of HIV/AIDS is a challenge for humanity as a whole. I want to take this challenge and for that I want to contribute in local schemes using international HIV/AIDS financial support. In less developed and in the third world countries, lack of stringent government policies permits the sale of many drugs that are futile, if not hazardous. All over the Third World valuable amounts are spent on pharmaceuticals of doubtful quality instead of spending on necessary medicines that would bring about better health. This is really a very alarming situation and it forces me to adopt pharmacy as a career. I want to participate in formulating better policies and keep a check on the sold of drugs that they shouldn’t be sold without warnings or prescriptions for use. All the above mentioned situations and conditions encourage me and make me liable to pursue a degree in the profession of pharmacy even though it is a very stressful and challenging work but it is worth for someone with a desire to study and to see instant outcomes of their work with the public. Works CitedSibyl, S. (2000), “Big pharma benefits by helping others”, Pharmaceutical Executive, Vol. 20 No.11, pp.110.

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