Mathematics homework help. One way that insulin reduces blood sugar is bySelect one:a. increasing the rate of change of blood sugar to fructose.b. increasing the rate of glycogen metabolism.c. increasing the rate of glucose uptake by cells.d. increasing the concentration of glycogen phosphorylase.The condition of ketoacidosis isSelect one:a. a potentially fatal buildup of acetoacetate or 3-hydroxybutyrate lowering blood pH.b. due to a lowered production of ketone bodies than is normal.c. the increase in pH of the cells due to ketone body production.d. only found when anaerobic catabolism of fat occurs.During catabolism, proteins are broken down into amino acids. The amine groups are transferred to an -keto acid by a process known as ___. The amino acids of -keto acids are then converted into ___ before being excreted in urine.Select one:a. oxidative phosphorylation/pyruvateb. glycolysis/acetyl-CoAc. ketosis/acetoned. transamination/urea

Mathematics homework help