Mathematics homework help. For Weeks 2 – 5, students will be conducting a SWOT Analysis of the organization that they have been working with throughout the cohort. Each week a short paper (approximately 2-3 pages in length) will be due that addresses the top 3 Human Resource issues associated with each part of the SWOT analysis. For each portion of the SWOT Analysis, a PEST Analysis will also need to be conducted.  For example, each strength identified would need to be associated with a “Political, Economic, Social or Technology” category. Students are encouraged to review Term Projects from past courses as well as feedback from their professors to prepare for these assignments. Content and verbiage from these papers can be utilized for the Business Proposal. The paper is on “Weaknesses”. Paper should be APA format without Abstract and must include references. I attempted to start the assignment but had difficulty. My Company is: The Levy Company ( Paper attachedMy organizational Weaknesses are:Budget constraintsskilled workerstraining and development

Mathematics homework help