Mathematics homework help. Write 3 page essay on the topic Business value of information.option for its customers through a partnership with PayPal, where the customers could now be able to pay their bills owed to the company through PayPal (Telstra Exchange Technology, 2013). This was later enhanced through Telstra introducing another electronic billing option for its customers in June 2014, where the customers are now able to pay their bills electronically directly to the company (Cameron, 2014).Through the newly introduced electronic billing system, Telstra sends it’s the customer bills to the customers electronically, and the customers in turn pay their bills to the company electronically. This system has enabled Telstra to save on its operational costs, through reducing the need for the paper work required in billing the customers and sending them printed bills, as well as the costs involved in processing the paper receipts once the customers pay their bills. Nevertheless, while the electronic billing service is instrumental to reducing the operational costs of the business for Telstra, it can be enhanced even further if operated as part of the overall Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system of the company (Varajao, Cruz-Cunha & Trigo, 2012). Thus, Telstra has an opportunity to improve its electronic billing services through the integration of the electronic billing option into the overall ERP.The benefits associated with the integration of the electronic billing services of the company into the overall ERP system of the company is that the costs of operating this system will be reduced further. The integration of the electronic billing system of Telstra would reduce the costs associated with both the implementation and maintenance of the systems (Varajao, Cruz-Cunha & Trigo, 2012). Further, the accountability of the electronic billing system would be enhanced when it is integrated and operated as part of the whole ERP system of the company. This is because monitoring and auditing the system would be easier, as opposed to when it is done

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