Law homework help. Instruction: Write your own short response, 2 hundred word is required on this question, with a minimum of six citations from all of the assigned sources. Outside sources or lack of sources will earn you an automatic zero. Please use the link below as the only source:Zinn CH9 – (Links to an external site.) You will be graded on how well you answer the question, use and cite EVERY SINGLE ONE OF the assigned readings in Chicago Style Format (endnotes), and present the information in class.  Here’s the question:Howard Zinn writes, “It would take either a full-scale slave rebellion or a fullscale war” to end slavery. Similarly, Zinn’s primary contentions in this chapter is—that the United States government “would never accept an end to slavery by rebellion. It would end slavery only under conditions controlled by whites.” Using examples from your reading in Howard Zinn’s books, agree or disagree with his perspective. Do you think that slavery could have been ended without war? Explain.

Law homework help