Law homework help. need to design a questionnaire about 12 questions (including Likert scale, brand performance question, brand imagery question, brand judgment  question, brand resonance question). see in sample questionnaireReport details 5 pages maximum (there will be a penalty for exceeding page limit)  Font – 12pt, Times New Roman, single space  Use of figures/diagrams/graphs is encouraged  References, appendices not included in page limit introduction     1.Historical overview and background Parent company background  Existing brands  History of chosen brand– Any changes in positioning/target market? – Competitors– Exisiting brand extensions (if any)  2. Brand inventory  Brand elements  Brand associations Positioning strategy (POP/POD) Target market Existing campaigns    3.Consumer perceptions • Conduct quantitative research to identify: – Brand awareness/usage – Brand performance– Brand imagery– Brand judgments/attitudes – Brand resonance Important: Min. sample size of 10 consumers    4. Findings Is there a gap between desired positioning and the positioning based on consumer perceptions? Why?  Which are the main drivers of brand equity (which of dimenions positively or negatively affect brand equity)?    5. Recommendations  What can be done to rectify the problem/s? Play consultant and be creative – Possible extensions?– Trimming the brand portfolio?– Change pricing? Packaging? website/? – Promotion campaign? Objectives Understand what consumers think of the brandCan be broken up under the following:  following 5parts should be mentioned   see the sample (Rolex)– Historical overview and background – Brand inventory– Consumer perceptions– Main findings– Recommendations

Law homework help