Law homework help. Writing Reflection 1Purpose: Reflect on your thoughts and those shared by your peers in previous Discussion posts and to practice your writing skills in Spanish.   Skills: To be able to use and apply grammar learned in the course to talk about your views on the topics you wrote about in the discussion posts with your classmates.Instructions:For this assignment you will write a one-page detailed Reflection in Spanish on your thoughts and point of view on the topics on the Discussions post that you have written about so far. See details in the section labeled “Topic” below. Important:  You need to complete this assignment in Spanish.  You need to answer / write your reflection in a Word Document and you should set for Spanish Spell check.  Make sure to run and carefully review Spanish Spell check before uploading your document as it will be graded on grammar and punctuation.Topic:So far in this course you have completed two Discussion posts. For this assignment you will write a one-page detailed Reflection in Spanish on your thoughts and point of view on these two topics.  You will write about:what were your original thoughts and point of views on the questions and prompts that you wrote about in these discussion posts?as you read your classmates’ discussion responses, did you have the same point of view as your classmates? what were some points of views you shared with your peers and some of the things you thought differently about or disagreed on? Explain and provide examples.after reading some of your classmates’ Discussion posts, what were some of your classmates’ point of views or ideas they shared that you had not thought about?did your perspective or point of views on any of the different topics in the Discussion posts change slightly? Make sure to elaborate.

Law homework help