Law homework help. At approximately 8:30 each morning, the Order Entry department receives all new sales order forms. These forms include orders received both by mail and over the phone. Order Entry enters and edits all orders on personal computers, creating a batch of orders on a network file server. The batch of orders is transmitted from the server’s disk to an AS/400 midrange computer via a network gateway over a TCP/IP point-to-point network connection. There, the order-processing program checks the inventory master file (actually, a database table) to validate products ordered and to determine the availability and price of the products ordered. For any products that are out of stock, a backorder is created in the database and printed as a notice for the customer. Fillable orders (and partial order) are then processed as follows. Another program checks the customer accounts master file to check credit. For customers who have a poor credit rating, a prepayment request is printed. The order is placed on hold in the order master file. Also, a report of these notices is prepared for management. The program prints an order confirmation letter for those orders that will be filled.Another program produces a four-part warehouse order form that includes a picking copy, a packing copy, a shipping copy, and an invoicing copy. The processed order is moved to a sales master file, a copy of which is archives on magnetic tape for backup and later use. The system also includes an on-line program that allows the sales manage both to query the inventory master file to obtain prices and to query the customer accounts master file to obtain credit information needed to manually override a credit rejection. This program is available to the sales manager from 8am until noon each working day. Customer order cancellations are processed immediately upon receipt (by mail or phone). When the request is received by a clerk, he or she enters the order cancellation using the PC as a terminal into the AS/400. An on-line program reads the sales master file to determine the order’s status. If the order has not been filled, the clerk phones the warehouse to have the order terminated. At the end of the day, the program generates cancellation notices for customers and a cancellation report for the sales manager.1.1 What are the limitations of the English language for describing a design to programmers who must implement that design? 1.2 Are there any errors of omission in the narrative description – that is, important questions or processes that were not covered? 1.3 How do I draw a physical data flow diagram for this case?.1.4 How can I draw a system flowchart for this case. 2UNISA registrar maintains data about the following entities:(a)courses, including number, title, credits, syllabus, and prerequisites; (b) course offerings, including course number, year, semester, section number, instructor(s),timings, and classroom; (c) students, including student-id, name, and program; and(d) instructors, including identification number, name, department, and title. Further, the enrollment of students in courses and grades awarded to students in each course they are enrolled for must be appropriately modeled.2.1 How do i construct an E-R diagram for the registrar’s of UNISA?. Document all assumptions that you make about the mapping constraints.3Sand and Surf Retailers recently acquired several smaller companies to expand its chain of clothing outlets. To establish consistency for the current organization and future acquisitions, Sand and Surf decided to develop an in-house application called SPS (Standard Purchasing System). The SPS system would standardize purchasing practices for each Sand and Surf subsidiary and manage all purchasing information. System testing will be completed by the end of the week.3.1 Using the theory and practical examples describe the four types of documentation. 3.2 What type(s) of documentation would you recommend for this application and why?3.3 During application development, what steps should the IT staff follow to develop a structure chart? (4)

Law homework help