Languages homework help. ALL WORK MUST BE ORIGINAL, CITED, APA FORMAT AND WILL BE SUBMITTED TO TURN-IT-IT. 1000-1250 WORDS. NOT INCLUDING THE TITLE PAGE. DUE DATE 05/25/20 @4PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME.Assignment:You have just won the mayoral race for your city. You’ve read the Nicholson textbook and noted that Page 240 begins to list the significant contributions of legal advice necessary to have a “fully adequate, feasible, or acceptable” plan (Lister and Stockdale as cited by Nicholson,2012) . You now understand the challenges faced in joining EMC’s and LGA’s to prepare for emergency operations.Your municipal police and local government attorneys have not held a disaster planning meeting in over five years. In 1000-1250words write a local statute for presentation to your city council that outlines your plan to overcome this deficit, how to fund it, and operational aspects (including frequency, personnel required, etc.) Consider the limiting factors presented by Nicholson in Chapter 14.Your statute must be double-spaced and provide at least three primary reasons for full funding.

Languages homework help